Company INformation

Company Showcase - February 3, 2024

Come see what our dancers have been working so hard on at our first annual company showcase. 

When? Saturday, February 3, 2024 at 1:00pm 

Where? Grand Ledge High School Auditorium, 820 Spring St, Grand Ledge, MI 48837

What? View our digital program at the link, HERE

Want to learn more about our team?

Thank you for your interest in joining the competitive team at Studio 517 Dance Company. Below is an outline of the audition and class requirements for our competitive season.

Audition Process 

All dancers interested in being considered for the 2024-2025 Company will be required to attend a week-long technique intensive and have a private audition, or attend our group auditions July 29-31, 2024. 

Required Classes

Minimum class requirements are as follows: 

Petite Company – Syllabus Ballet 1, Jazz Technique 1, Petite/Junior Stretch & Conditioning, Company Class, Petite Jazz + 1 additional group routine 

  • Base tuition for Petite Company Core is $225/month 
  • Petites may add Ballet Variations 1 and Beginning Turns to the core package for $275/month (adding these classes is HIGHLY recommended, but not required!) 

Junior Company – Syllabus Ballet 2, Ballet Variations 1, Jazz Technique 2, Petite/Junior Stretch & Conditioning, Company Class, Beginning or Intermediate Turns, Junior Jazz + 1 additional group routine 

  • Base tuition for Junior Company Core is $275/month 

Teen Company – Syllabus Ballet 3, Ballet Variations 2, Jazz Technique 3, Teen/Senior Stretch & Conditioning, Company Class, Intermediate or Advanced Turns, Teen Jazz + 1 additional group routine 

  • Base tuition for Teen Company Core is $275/month 

Senior Company – Syllabus Ballet 4, Ballet Variations 2, Jazz Technique 4, Teen/Senior Stretch & Conditioning, Company Class, Advanced Turns, Senior Jazz + 1 additional group routine 

  • Base tuition for Senior Company Core is $275/month 

Additional classes may be added to the company core pricing at the following rates: 

30 minute class for $25/month, 45 minute class for $35/month, 60 minute class for $45/month 

There is a tuition cap in place so that no tuition for a single dancer shall exceed $400/month, or two dancers in the same family for $650/month. Dancers may enroll in unlimited classes that are appropriate for their age/level after reaching the tuition cap, however, this will still increase fees accumulated for additional competition entries and costumes. 

**Please note, for all levels, if a dancer wishes to compete in Tap as an additional group routine, they must enroll in the appropriate level Tap Technique class (Tap technique 1 for Petites/Juniors, Tap Technique 2 for Teens/Seniors). 

Class Descriptions 

Syllabus Ballet – We will be utilizing Terri Newman’s Metamorphosis system for ballet. Each level has a set syllabus to allow dancers to master appropriate ballet skills for each level and is derived from the Cecchetti method of ballet. Terri is the founder of the Dance Shoppe in Waterford, Michigan and is well-known for training dancers with excellent technical execution. Terri is a close friend and mentor who has spent 40 years as a dance educator, and I am delighted to be able to bring her wealth of knowledge into the walls of our studio.  

This class is focused on a combination of barre and center floor work and emphasizes conditioning the body through foundational ballet exercises. There will be an examination process when dancers are nominated by their teachers to be considered for examination. Each level may take multiple years to master the skills required of each level. There will be a binder of study materials that is required to purchase through the studio – prices may vary based on class level. This is a technique only class and there will be NO recital dance for syllabus ballet classes. 

Ballet Variations – Ballet variations will focus on center floor and across the floor combinations and is more focused on choreography/combination mastery and ballet performance. Ballet variations classes will perform a dance in the end of the year recital. There will be an $85 costume fee for this class. 

Jazz Technique – Jazz technique classes will focus on flexibility, extensions, jumps and turns appropriate for each level. This is a technique only class and there will be NO recital dance for jazz technique classes. 

Tap Technique – Tap technique classes will focus on the fundamentals of tap dance and allow dancers to improve their skill set outside of just rehearsing choreography. There will be NO recital dance for tap technique classes. Tap technique is required for all dancers choosing to compete in a tap routine, but you are not required to compete a tap routine to enroll in tap technique. 

Stretch/Conditioning – These classes are aimed at building functional flexibility and strength and cardiovascular conditioning to perform optimally as dancers and athletes. There will also be an emphasis on learning correct anatomy, as well as injury prevention and maintenance strategies for a healthy and successful season. 

Company Class – In place of competing a full company Production this year, I have chosen to implement a full company class. This will be our first class of the week and the only class on our schedule where all four levels are together. We will utilize this time to warm-up together and perform team-building exercises. 

Company Fee 

There was a one-time fee of $250 to be part of the 2023-2024 Competitive Company. This fee covers a team photo shoot, team bonding activities, holiday party/lock-in, auditorium rental for dress rehearsal/competition team showcase, administrative time for scheduling competitions and coordinating company events, and teacher’s pay for travel to competitions and nationals. Fees for 2024-2025 will be determined after reviewing budgets from our first season.